Why GMS ?

We empower you by augmenting your preparation with Visualization & Co-creation techniques to manifest your desired Test Scores. We start by Defining your S.M.A.R.T goal for the upcoming test. A deeper look at the most recent test paper analysis gives a snapshot of Core Root Causes of poor performance. These blocks are eliminated from sub-conscious via a mix of Strategy and Guided meditative visualizations. The aspirant self-develops action strategies that are tracked via Data Driven Study Dashboards. Our Score predictor helps in correlating the Strategy with Exam Day Scores.

Our teaching techniques

Metacognitive Learning

Our strategists connect with the aspirant to get hands on with Creating Monthly Study Strategies to achieve the ultimate SMART goal in JEE/NEET/Xth Board.

Six sigma methodology

Action driven problem solving frameworks designed for quantifiable performance improvement backed by data analytics.


Co-create potential future states to imprint success oriented thought patterns that enable self-empowerment in implementing weekly Action Strategies.

Our teaching techniques

Why this works?

Stanford research insights!

“One novel solution researchers find helps students to perform better, is to get them to think about how they think – metacognition – Have them strategize how they study/ play/ perform any task”

- Patricia Chen - Phd at Stanford Research

“All often, students jump mindlessly into starting, before they have even understood specifics of what to achieve, what to use, how they can use the resources to perform effectively”

- Patricia Chen - Phd at Stanford Research

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Turn your abstract emotions into high performance in minutes

Our team of trained strategists and counselors can help channelize your suppressed, unresolved emotions and inner reflections into profound day-to-day actions. We ensure you remain proficient in core subjects, and enjoy learning along the way. We are time served and qualified counseling professionals, and ready now to help.