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We guarantee your improvement with Get my strategy. No matter the exam you are preparing for, get a personalized strategy to crack your exam with help of the best minds in India.

Become Your Own Strategist.

Get my Strategy aims at bridging the gap in exam preparations. We apply Root cause analysis and Lean six sigma methodologies to create the perfect action plan. Our Counsellors take you through each process of problem solving and devise unique strategies to overcome them.

Our Vision

Achieving exam goals has never been this easy. Our primary goal is to identify underlying problems faced during exam preparations. We can proudly say that we  can help you achieve those exam goals with much ease.

Our packages

Let it be school examinations or preparing for IIT or CET or all the to your GMAT or NEET, improvement is guaranteed.

Choose from the following which best suits your needs.

Self Serve

₹ 4000/month

Group Coach

₹ 8999/month

Personal Coach

₹ 17999/month

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Your new Journey
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Now you will see a measured improvement week over week. Our exclusive student dashboard and our video conferencing functions enables you to go through action plans like never before. We interpret data and visualize it in the best way for you to track your progress.

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